Robot Vacuums and Toddlers: Removing Microscopic Carpet Junk from Toddler Reach

My Toddler Eats Random, Microscopic Debris From the Floor!

My toddler has an eagle's eye and can spot microscopic debris on the floor that she then sets forth to place in her mouth.  Between two shedding, hyper dogs and my cruising little toddler, vacuuming is not easy (especially considering my little one is terrified of our handheld vacuum).  This is unfortunate because I live in a house full of people with severe allergies.  I could vacuum during my toddler's naps - sure, or even possibly at nighttime, but there are 100 other things that I need to be doing, such as preparing her meals, doing the dishes, perhaps showering myself if I am so lucky, or cleaning up the house, etc.  I'm not saying that vacuuming should come last, but this process can be easier.  How, you may ask?

Robot Vacuums and Toddlers

If you can afford to spend the money on a basic model of a robotic vacuum, about $150, it will be worth your time.  The Roomba Robotic Vacuum has been great for my Toddler who loves to put random stuff in her mouth.  Between random clothing tags and pins that somehow appear on my floor (which my little one always attempts to eat), my shedding dogs, and little one's allergies, this little robot vacuum has provided me a great deal of happiness in the form of less worry and house chores made easier. I run my Roomba Robotic Vacuum twice a day and my life with my toddler has been significantly easier because you I don't have to worry (as much) about what random specs of practically nothing are on my floor that she will put in her mouth!

Here's a brief video of the Roomba cleaning our living room:

We bought a refurbished Roomba Robotic Vacuum vacuum off of - buying refurbished saved some money and it still came with a limited warranty so we were fine that it.  There are other brands  that are very similar to Roomba Robotic Vacuum and may be cheaper than the Roomba brand (again, we went with the refurbished model to save money). Some features that I love about my robotic vacuum are that it can go over electrical cords (for the most part).  Another thing I like is that it can go underneath your TV stands and sofas too.  Just run the Roomba, and leave the room...but I am telling you that you will probably end up following it around in sheer "ahhh," staring at and mesmerized by this wonderful creature (oops: I mean vacuum) at it as it cleans your floors the first few times that you use it.  
When you come back to the room, there are beautiful vacuum lines in your carpet, without you having to do anything!  

The Roomba Robotic Vacuum self-docks itself too.  It's like the smartest pet you'll ever have!  You might even love it so much that you name it (not that I did or anything).  Be sure to set up the "lighthouses" which tells the Roomba Robotic Vacuum not to, for example, go down your basement stairs.   Also, keep your eyes peeled during the holidays and there should great deals going on.

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