Our Toddler Says No To Everything - (Video)

Find below two videos of my daughter (18-months-old) saying, "No," to basically question that her daddy asks her.  Saying "no" is her new favorite thing to do.  Despite our best efforts to teach her the word "yes," the fruits of this effort are seldom seen from our toddler.  So far, saying "No," is our toddler's only answer to almost every question that is asked her; it appears that our toddler lives a very straight-forward, decisive life.  At least I don't have to worry about my daughter being a pushover, or worry about her growing up feeling the need say, "yes," to everything asked of her (though I, as her mom, would like to be the exception to this frame-of-mind).

Here is the usual dialogue between my toddler and us when we ask her questions:
  • Do you want to spin in circles? 
    • My Toddler's Answer: "No." (As she spins in circles).
  • Do you want to say, "no"?
    • My Toddler's Answer: "No."
  • Do you want to stomp your feet?
    • My Toddler's Answer:  "No."(As she stomps her feet). 

Other things my daughter says no to (see video below):
  • An offer from daddy for a million dollars; playing with Mr. Cow; sitting on Daddy's lap; going upstairsgoing downstairs;  petting the doggy;  picking up her to frog; climbing on the chair

Things My Toddler Says "Yes" To:
  • Showing daddy her dance moves.
  • Shaking her hands for daddy.
  • Giving daddy a high-five

Things My Toddler Seems Indifferent About:
  • Pancakes 

I talk more about my toddler's vocabulary in my post How My Toddler Butchered the Word "Sock"....my toddler turns the word "sock into a naughty word). 

PART 1: Toddler Says "No" To Basically Everything

PART 2: Toddler Says "No" To Basically Everything

What crazy things does your toddler do or say?  
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