Top 21 Outdoor Toys for Your Kiddos This Summer (2023) - Toddlers to Tweens

Top 21 Must-Have Outdoor Toys For Your Kiddos This Spring/Summertime (2023)

by "One Wisconsin Mommy"

Focus Group:  Toddlers/Kids Ages 1-5, with a touch of fun for Tweens

It's almost summertime in the United States, and in the Midwest, this means that we need to soak up all of the sunshine we can! Spring Fever is in full effect here in Wisconsin as we type this.

Full Disclosure:  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.  That said, we have a BLAST finding things our kiddos will love this summer (Happy Baby = Happy Mama).   We are literally in the business of finding the best of the best.   

We've compiled a list of the top 21 Amazon items we've found to entertain the following ages/gender categories: a 1-year-old little girl (my niece), a 2-year-old little boy (my adopted nephew), a 3-year-old boy (my son), a 4-year-old boy (my nephew), a 4-year-old girl (my adopted niece), a 5-year-old nephew, and an 11-year-old girl (my daughter).  


1. Splash Pad

Link: Splash Pad

Splash Pad

I highly recommend the brand H20Go for pool and water toys (high quality), and I purchased this splash pad by from Costco the last two years. That said, in my exploring on Amazon, I am going to recommend a different item due to the fact that the splash pad from Costco is quite slippery, and this item promised to mitigate that issue - and it also has reviews that I simply cannot argue with because they are excellent.


2. Twister Splash


Twister Splash

If you want to be entertained, sit on the side line while watching the kiddos (or adults) play this one.   It's quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.

3. Water Hammock

Water Hammock

Why do I love this water hammock?  Because it's so incredibly small compared to other water floaties when it's deflated AND it's so easy to blow right back up once you get to your pool destination.

4. Inflatable Hot Tub

Link: Inflatable Spa

Inflatable Spa

I LOVE my inflatable hot tub, and there will be so many future posts about how much I love mine.  I've had mine for three years now (purchased from Costco, in-store), and once you get the hang of the maintenance, it's so worth it (it is for me, at least - I love hot tubs).

5. Water Balloons

Option 1: Refillable Water Balloons

Refillable Water Balloons

I had never seen refillable water balloons until 2023.  We purchased some of Spring Break this year.  PROS:  they truly are refillable and it's easy to do.  They're great for playing catch or for GENTLE fun throwing at someone.  
CONS:  They are harder (more solid/firm) than regular traditional water balloons - so be careful how hard you throw these - they can hurt.

Option 2: Bunch o Balloons

Link: Bunch o Balloons


Bunch o Balloons

I LOVE bunch o balloons - the ease of filling these up and how quickly you're able to do so - makes me think back on all of the wasted hours I spent as a child filling up traditional water balloons that are so incredibly frustrating.  I do have to wonder how eco-friendly these are for the planet; however, these are a fun splurge.  Costco often has these on sale during the Spring and Summer months in their store.

Option 3: Battle Blasters

Battle Blasters

These are relatively new this year as well - and they might be the better solution compared to the refillable water balloons as far as being too firm / hard when thrown.  

6. Stand-Up Sidewalk Chalk

Stand-up Side Walk Chalk

Full-disclosure:  I have yet to receive my package of Standup chalk in the mail from Amazon; however, imagine how wonderful this could be (for adults) if this is truly a workable product.  

7. Sprinkler for Kids

Turtle Sprinkler

I've been on the market for a high quality "kids sprinkler" that doesn't waste a bunch or water and this is the solution;  you can't argue with the reviews, IMO.

8. Outdoor Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I am a huge fan of the JBL brand, and I am also a huge fan of clip-on speakers that are portable.   This device is fabulous because it's also WATERPROOF (which makes is fabulous for inflatable spas as well).

9. Outdoor Waterproof Card Games

Link: Uno


Waterproof Cards

We bring waterproof playing cards with us on Spring Break each year, and they never fail us.  It's nice to keep these in our pool bag and if we're sitting on a patio somewhere, these are perfect to pull out.  My 9-year-old daughter and I play the card game "Speed" with the Hoyle Waterproof deck.

10: Body Mark Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Body Tattoos

Full-disclosure:  I have yet to buy these; these seem "outdoorsy" in that I wouldn't let my children use these indoors (risk of getting the ink on furniture) but I'm very open to the idea of testing these out while we're outside.  I'll update this post once we try these.

11. Bubble Guns

Link:   Bubble Guns

Bubble Guns

I am consistently and pleasantly surprised at how much joy bubbles continuously bring to children and adults.  

12. Outdoor Camping Tent for Kids

Kids Outdoor Popup Tent

My 4-year-old nephew absolutory LOVES his tent.

Accessories for Camping:

Fake Campfire

Fake Campfire for Kids

Kids Camp Light

Kids Camp Light

13. Water Table

Water Table

This is one of those products that I recall being surprised about - this keeps every single toddler that I've ever used a water table with extremely busy for sometimes HOURS.   The bells and whistles aren't even that necessary - just a few simple kitchen cups and a few toy balls can be added to a regular water table - and voila!  It's an amazing outdoor toy for a 2-year-old!

14. Frisbees that Fly Straight and Don't Hurt

Activ Flyer Frisbees 

My mom just purchased these for my kids and these are fabulous!  These truly do fly STRAIGHT and they don't hurt!  Love these!

15. Colored Cones for Firepit (for Magic Flames)

Link: Pinecones

Firepit Colorful Flames

These are of course only to be used under adult supervision, but these make a regular old fire pit into something beautiful and magical!  So pretty!

16. Slip n Slide Extra Long

Super Slide

If you have the backyard capacity for an extra long super slide, this particular model is amazingly sturdy and has just a little extra cushion between you and the grass that makes the entire process less bumpy and less ouchy.

17. Bubble Machine Lawn Mower

Bubble Machine Lawn Mower

I have been on a life-long quest for the perfect bubble machine for outdoors.  The reason I like this one so much is that it doesn't require a table-top, yet it also manages to send the bubbles high into the air.  It's also a two-in-one toy in that it doubles as a toy lawn mower, which is adorable.

18. Child-Size John Deere Trailer

John Deere Tractor for Kids

My 3-year-old son recently got a "monster truck Power Wheels" his-sized car; however, had I seen this first, this would have been the winner - great reviews too!

19. Kid-Sized Jeeps

Link: Kid Jeeps


Kid Jeeps

I like these kid-sized vehicles because these actually comfortably fit two toddlers.

20. Portable Jumper for Baby

Portable Outdoor Jumper

This portable jumper for babies who are able to sit-up is fabulous for summer picnics.

21. Catch Game Set 

Easy Catch

This traditional easy catch set is a staple and I have yet to find a better solution for the "first game of catch" with any of my children.

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