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Welcome to MommySaidSo.com!

Happy Baby, Happy Mama.  

It's time to streamline the chores of parenting!  Spend less time finding that matching sippy cup lid, and more fun time with your little one.  Or you could also waste time reading my blog, and play on Pinterest.

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What Mommy Said So is All About:

My goal in life is to make all of our daily "chores" easier.  Simple tips and tricks, along with great baby and toddler products that make these chores easier for us to accomplish are all things that I constantly search for in my life.  

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Meet Mia

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2-Months Old

What You Will Find Here:

  • Must-Have Baby Gear
  • Advice for Traveling with Baby and Toddler
  • Mom Humor
  • Random parenting insights
  • Ideas on food for babies/toddlers 

More About Mommy Said So:

'Mia' is a "pseudonym" that I use for one main reason: I am not yet confident in the quality of my blog, as it is still new, and I'm afraid that if my identity is disclosed to my friends, family, and the public, that I may make poor first impressions of my blog, and under my very own name - I'm not ready yet.  

My career goal is to work for Babycenter.com.  I love this organization.  I love learning about fun and easy tips for parenting.  I earned my MBA in February 2013 from the University of Wisconsin.  I began the program when I was 5-months pregnant and I graduated from the program with a Toddler.  I understand the need for a good laugh, great baby products, great baby advice, and the benefits of reaching out to other moms, and spending the most quality time with your children as possible.  

Mommy Said So

Mommy Said So

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5-month-old Baby

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This is just about how the balance in my life goes every day....