3D Ultrasound to Actual Baby - Photo Timeline - A lot of growing in just 365 Days!

Below is a photo collage timeline that shows just how much can change and how much a baby grows in just 365 days.  This was inspired by my first post 3D Ultrasound Photo Comparison to Actual Newborn Baby - it's crazy to see the similarities of a 3D ultrasound to my baby once she was born.  I also do another comparison in my post 3D Ultrasound to Newborn Baby Side-by-Side Comparison (Part 2).  In this collage, the first photo in the collage is an ultrasound picture from when I was 6-weeks pregnant, and the collage ends with a picture of my 4-months-old.  From the egg yolk phase, to the tadpole phase, to the alien phase, to the "omg there's a real baby in there!" phase, it's crazy to see how quickly we humans grow.

3D Ultrasound Pregnancy to Baby Timeline
3D Ultrasound to Actual Baby Photo Timeline
March 2012

A lot changes in just 365 days!


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  1. Very sweet. Cute and lovable baby you have. You have together kept all the memories intact of the baby child and soon I can say that it is really good to keep such. Memories can be kept in an album too. But What I am saying is that it is the best thing in the world to see forth a baby angel in our hands. This moment can not be forgettable and really is an auspicious moment.


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