Guilt Relief for this Working Mom: Daycare Socializing and Friends

relief of mom guilt - toddler with her friend at daycare

My "Working Mom" Mommy Guilt Was Relieved - At least for this week...

When I went to drop-off my little 14-month-old toddler at our babysitter before work this week, I was surprised when I saw my little girl immediately run over to one of the other (older) little girls that our babysitter cares for during the day -- 4-year-old, Tera.  I had never seen such enthusiasm from my child before, and then the warm n' fuzzies emerged in my body as I watched my daughter give Tera a gigantic hug and even give Tera a "muah!" kiss (Tessa usually saves this enthusiastic kiss for her stuffed animals only).  To top it off, Tera was just as excited to see Tessa, if not more.  

As I watched my child in a euphoric bear-hug with her new friend, that's when any and all mommy guilt that I had had completely left my body (at least for this week).  

REMEMBER THIS:  The next time that you feel guilty for leaving your baby at daycare, just remember how healthy it is for your little one to get social skills through their interactions with other kids - not to mention how much your little one may enjoy his/her daycare friends.


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