My Toddler Likes Daddy Better Now!

1st Place Daddy and 2nd Place Mommy Sign

My Daughter Liked Daddy Better 
(for like a day...but still!)

I was the apple of my little toddler's eye at the beginning of our holiday vacation travels; I was the first person that she turned to in any moment of discomfort and the first person in the room that knew how to make her smile.  I think about her future constantly - she's my reason!  (See 
Top 35 Life Lessons - From Mother to Daughter - a post I wrote for her in case I one day forget to tell her the things I wrote about in it).

But somewhere between the endless love and affection of her grandparents and her aunties, and the plane rides to and from our visits to our relatives' homes (in which she sat on Daddy's lap the entire time), it seems that this Mommy has lost the glorious, prestigious status as the "Number 1" person on my toddler's VIP priority list.   I am now a far second-place to "Daddy" in the eyes of my child.  
I Heart Daddy Romper Outfit
I Heart Dad Jumper...of course.

Mommy is not happy about this.  

Have I tried bribing my toddler with ice cream?  Maybe.

But I should be happy for her daddy, right?  He's funny, he's fun, and he is one hell of a tickle monster.  He has even taught her how to turn off/on light-switches, which has become her absolute favorite thing to do on a daily basis.  I understand that Daddy-and-daughter bonding is a wonderful part of life (bla bla bla).  But when did mommy become chopped liver?!  Am I not fun anymore? (No, that can't be it...)

Mommy can flick light switches on and off too!

As my own dad used to say to us when we were kids, during times that he felt unappreciated: "I guess I'm just an old shoe...."  (Envision this phrase spoken in a voice that is similar to that of Eeyore, the Donkey, from Winnie the Pooh.)

Do I have an "unhealthy" level of enjoyment over my toddler's rather significant (prior) attachment to me?

----Yes, I do. (But that's another article.)

The main point here: How did Daddy sneak up behind me so fast in the "favorite parent" race?!  

Now, when I walk in the door - I am lucky to get so much as a smile from my toddler - it's as if I get a brief acknowledgement of a "head nod"  from my toddler, as if to say "'Sup Momlike I did to my mom as a teenager.  Now, my little daughter shrieks if her daddy so much as sets her down - not even I can comfort her anymore!  

I am the primary parent!

It just seems so unfair!  I prepare all of her meals (I even blog about the meals I prepare for her!).  I change 98% of her diapers.  I do all of her laundry, and I sort all of her clothes (making sure to only buy her the comfy clothes).  I work round-the-clock! I do all of the grocery shopping.  I am the dedicated mom that you will finding standing in line at Wal-Mart's Customer Service Counter at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night because I am returning the Vick's humidifier that didn't lived up to my high-standards that I have for my toddler's health and comfort.  (See the post You Know You Have a Newborn When... for more on my Wal-Mart adventures)

Here are a few of my theories as to how this happened:

  • She slept on Daddy's lap for the entire plane rides. (Bonding) 
  • Daddy has always been really good with kids, and now that she is older, I am seeing his talent that has been hidden up to this point in our relationship.
  • Daddy wears amazing-smelling cologne.
I'm not mad; I'm just [pause] disappointed.

The irony of this all: what I would have done for this type of daddy-daughter bonding when my little one was a newborn.  I was a tired mess!  Now I just miss her!

Please share your experiences or thoughts on this matter in the comment box below!


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  1. Funny thing is, my hubby was just saying last night how he thinks the baby will only like being with me. I reassured him saying he would now have two girls (we keep thinking we'll have a girl when I get preggers) to love and spoil him. BUT! I'm afraid I may have the same reaction as you and I think I would just try to tell myself, "It's ok, it's his turn now". Wishful thinking this would help, maybe?

    Though your baby doesn't have a "sense" of appreciation yet, the important thing is you're a great mother and make her feel safe, loved, protected, and you have encouraged a wonderful relationship with her daddy which not all girls have, and that's sad. The other great thing is that daddy is probably sooo happy!

    1. Thank you for your post Yunnie! And thank you for your wise words. I think I might be back in the #1 position; I think it was the ice cream that bumped me back up...(muah haha!).

      And I agree with you - the daughter-and-daddy bond is precious. My prediction is that your hubby is going to be a great dad because he already cares about his future daughter liking him!

      I think you are right - "it's his turn now." Her daddy is so extremely happy that she loves him so much now - it's adorable.

      Thank you for posting!

  2. Hahaha, good job on winning her back, lol.

    Thank you for the prediction. I know he will be an awesome dad!

    1. Thank you! :)

      My New Year's Resolution: Let Daddy Be 1st Place (Sometimes)


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