17 Easy Toddler Finger Food Ideas

Easy Toddler Finger Foods

17 Easy Toddler Finger Food Ideas

Here is a list of freezer-friendly, easy, healthy, toddler meals and toddler snacks.  Finger foods are the greatest because mommy can use her hands to eat too!  

    1. Ground Chicken or Turkey
    2. Frozen Blueberries
    3. Frozen Carrots
    4. Frozen Peas
    5. Frozen Cooked Sweet Potatoes
    6. Finely Shredded Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese
    7. Cheerios
    8. Gerber Puffs
    9. Rice Cakes by Parent's Choice (great for teething!)
    10. Pinto or Kidney Beans
    11. Toast....if you have leftover baby food jars, it makes great jelly 
    12. Frozen Turkey Meatballs
    13. Frozen Mini Eggo Pancakes
    14. Frozen Diced Strawberries
    15. Dole Mandarin Oranges (No sugar added, no syrup)
    16. Scrambled....or Hard-Boiled Eggs
    17. Homemade Pizza Made with Tortilla, Pizza Sauce, and Low-Fat Cheese

    Toddler Enjoying Cheerios
    Toddler  Enjoying Her Cheerios


    What's your favorite toddler finger food?
    Comment below!


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    1. No 18: Frozen Waffles (multi-grain or whole grain).

    2. Gayle31 July


    3. Anonymous29 September

      Mandarin Oranges!

    4. Great post indeed! Starting solids is a major milestone in child’s development. It is crucial to feed a healthy diet to your baby as it is significant for mental as well as physical growth. I usually give homemade food to my baby and for making purees I use vegetable crushers. Meshed carrots and peas are the great source of vitamins and nutrients. If you baby doesn’t like the taste vegetables, you can add some messed barriers or other fruits in it to make it sweet. Along with the homemade food, you can also use ready-made food to feed your baby as these food packets have equal amount of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for baby’s growth.

    5. My 3 year old has not yet mastered the skill of eating with a spoon, and soon he is going to start his pre school. That's why i have been looking for various healthy choices which i gave him also that makes him excited to finish. I came up with options like cheese sandwich, baby carrots, small sized banana pieces but thanks to you i have bunch of them now. Still i prefer to take advice from my doctor and nutrition websites like http://www.aptaclub.ie/best-lunches-for-toddlers/


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