Help! Baby HATES the Booger Sucker

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The Booger Sucker battle with my sick 13-month-old toddler is wearing me down.  My baby toddler absolutely hates - actually, she despises -  the Booger Sucker (i.e., 'nasal aspirator').  Watch her run/speed-crawl in the opposite direction, as fast as she can, when she sees me pull it out.

Today, I drew a happy face on her Booger Sucker, desperately hoping that this would resolve my 13-month-old daughter's phobia of her Booger Sucker by convincing her that it's actually a "friendly booger sucker."  This was my last resort. It didn't work.   I don't understand - she feels noticeably better using the Booger Sucker (which only occurs only when I am clever/fast enough to accomplish this).  

Baby Surprised
Ahh! Not the Booger Sucker!
1 of 4 Things Happen During Booger Sucking Time With My Toddler: 

    (1)  The "Mommy Ninja Sneak-Attack":    I nonchalantly stick the booger sucker up her nose while she is completely focused on something else, such as her Elmo toy.   (Success Rate: 10%)

    (2)  The "Wresting Match: Mommy vs. Toddler":    This is what it sounds like: a wrestling match between my 13-month-old daughter and me.  The sad part is that the spread for this match is 50/50.  I hate this method, and I only use it when I'm afraid she won't be able to breathe for a nap or bedtime.  (Success Rate: 50%) 

    (3)  The "Mommy Surrenders" Failure:    I surrender to my little toddler, accepting that she is stronger than I.  Her extreme squirming and protests make me fear that I will either poke her eye or cause permanent emotional damage if I persist with booger sucking efforts.  (Success Rate: 0%)

    (4)  The "Mr. Peek-A-Boogie" Game:    I make Booger Sucking a game of Peek-a-Boo....aka. "Peek-a-Boogie" with Mr. Booger Sucker (I even drew him a face!).  But she is too smart for this nonsense.  My toddler is well aware that Mr. Booger Sucker is right behind mommy's back, and she is well aware of Mr. Booger Sucker's intentions.   (Success Rate: 10%)
      Hand-Draw Smiley Face: 
      "Mr. Peek-a-Boogy" 
      Happy Booger Sucker" 

      There has to be a better way to go about this Booger Sucker business - there has to be some brilliant mommy "tips and tricks" that the brilliant moms out there use -  moms who live in a happy land with happy toddlers who love their booger suckers.  (Don't get me started on the Saline Spray...)   

      The Declaration of Booger Sucking Support for Moms:  Let this be a Support Forum and an Advice Board for mom's and babies and toddlers who struggle with Booger Sucking.  I am well aware that we are not the only family that struggles with Booger Sucking.  

      Please share your struggles with Booger Suckers, and if you have any suggestions or advice on how to successful maneuver the booger sucking process with babies and toddlers, please, please, share your advice here on this posts comment section.

      - Signed, The Booger-Determined Mom


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      1. Please share your comments here on your experience with Booger Suckers for toddlers/babies, and please share any advice or insights you have on the topic. They will be greatly appreciated!

      2. Anonymous18 December

        I have this problem, too, and the only thing that works for me is the ninja sneak attack. If you get any good insights, please post!!

        1. Great to meet a fellow boogie ninja! Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for following!

      3. Get the NoseFrieda. Won't help with holding the baby down, but it works so much better that you won't have to use it as often.

        1. Teresa, thank you for your tip! I'm definitely going try the Nose Frida! I will update the board after I get to use it on my little one! (Hopefully my daughter's cold goes away before I get the Nose Frida in the mail though!) I love the idea of less-frequent booger sucking. Thank you for following!

      4. Hey MommyMia, totally laughed with your post and the success rates with each method. But sorry you're having a hard time. I also have the Nose Frida on my radar and Amazon wishlist:

        1. Yunnie4Ever, thanks for checking out my website! And I'm really happy that you like this post. :) I took the advice of both you and Teresa, and I ordered the "Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator" by FridaBaby off of tonight.

          I never expected to be this excited about a Snot/Booger sucker. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival (but hoping my poor child gets better before it comes). Either way, I will, at the very least, have this bad boy in my baby inventory list for the next time my little toddler is sick.

      5. Does anyone have any success stories or advice on how to use the Nose Frida on your baby without all of the kicking and squirming?


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