How to Stop Crying Over Sliced Onions

Stop Crying Over Sliced Onions
Tip for Slicing Vegetables 
(such as onions):

Great for occasions like a Large Baby Shower

I despise cutting onions, and I am terrible at slicing tomatoes, so you can imagine my fear when I was put in charge of bringing the sandwich toppings for the 'Sandwich Bar' for my friend's baby shower that had sixty guests attending.  I'd be crying all day long if I cut enough onions for 60 people...just the thought of that makes my eyes water.   I didn't have the time do it, nor did I want my eyes for to burn for the next week.

Solution:  Ask the deli department at your grocery store to slice the vegetables for you.

Onions - Pre-Sliced
Onions Sliced By 
Grocery Deli

Ask your local deli department at your grocery store to cut the onions for your before you spend valuable hours crying over onions and tomatoes!

These people have professional-grade slicing machines!  

Outsourcing the onion and tomato slicing was one of the greatest decisions of my life.  Not only do delis have the best slicing equipment out there, but they can slice veggies five times faster than you.  

The best part: I didn't have to cry over the onions.  My eyes didn't water - not even once.  What made me even happier:  the onions and tomatoes were sliced so thinly and perfectly.  There is absolutely no way that I could have done that.

Tomatoes - presliced
Tomatoes Sliced by 
Grocery Deli
The grocery store in my city charges $4.99/lbs. for their food slicing service. (You don't pay for the original price of the fruit/veggie - just the $4.99/lbs.)  For example, if "Tomato A" original price was $2.50/pound when you buy it from the store (without the deli-slicing service) and "Tomato B" original price was $3.50/pound when you buy it from the store (without the deli-slicing service), then both Tomato A and Tomato B would be $4.99/pound with the deli slicing service and there would be no original price fee for either. Some stores may even do it for free (the Safeway store in Arizona once cut my onions for free).

Another Idea:

Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles


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