9 Reasons Why I Do Not Want to Start Potty-Training My Toddler

9 Reasons Why I Don't Want to Start Potty-Training My Toddler...Yet

9 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Start Potty-training My Toddler

1.   You people JUST made me give up the bottle and switch to sippy cups!  OK, fine - that was like a year-ago but whatever).  That was hard enough!  

2.   They don't make a "Diaper Genie" equivalent for training potties.

My toddler thinks her training potty is a bucket and she also thinks that all buckets are hats and she also likes to put all hats on her head.  We've only set out the potty to get her familiar with it, but this doesn't sound promising for me once she starts to use it.

4.   It seems that potty training will inevitably mean more laundry for me.   I suck at laundry - my Pack N Play is seriously my gigantic laundry hamper. 

5.   I am lazy. 
6.   I already spent all of my money on sippy cups. 

7.   I've enjoyed this brief break from reading parenting books.

I still have refill liners for my Diaper Genie....and I do not want them to go to waste.

9.   I do not want green eggs and ham......wait...errrrr...I'm not sure where that came from....what I meant is, "I don't want to."  

In Conclusion:

I'm not ready to start potty training my toddler!  I don't like change!  But I have to.  Ugh.  I suppose I'd be pretty pissed at my mom if she never taught me the essential life skill of going potty.

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  1. I agree with all 9 of your reasons. Amen, amen, amen! I am in no rush, especially after sippy cups :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone here! :)


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