How My Toddler Butchered the Word "Sock" - Embarrassing Mispronunciations

How My Toddler Butchered the Word "Sock"

A Whole New Meaning to "Dirty Socks"

Let me fill you in:  My daughter recently learned how to say the word "shoe."  What seemed to logically follow this was to teach my daughter to say the word "sock".  What we discovered is that my daughter cannot yet pronounce the "s" sound ("suh'), and my little toddler will pronounce all words that begin with the "s" or "suh" sound as if the words begins with the letter "C" or the letter "K" (a "c-uh" or "k-uh" sound).  Do you see where I'm going with this?

So where does that leave us with the word "sock"?   I'm not going to spell it out for you (I don't want someone to skim over this post and get the wrong idea), but here is a clue:  Replace the S with a C.

Yes, my innocent baby girl is running around the house, daycare, and the grocery store gleaming with pride over her new vocabulary addition, saying the new dirty version of the word "sock" in her sweet little voice.

Pride, excitement and joy, and the warm-and-fuzziness flooded my mommy brain the moment my child said her first real word to me.  I opened up the car door to take my baby daughter out of her car seat and I'll never forget the sound of her sweet little voice as she said, "Hi!" to me.  It was music to my ears.

Mispronounced Toddler Words

My toddler truly has no idea what she is actually saying - we do NOT encourage this.  Despite our urge to burst out laughing each time she says this word, we have the self-control to run into the other room before a smile even strikes our face.  (Have I started to question whether my sense of humor is somewhat weird and twisted if I think hearing a baby say this word is hilarious? Yes. I've accepted it.)  

What words has your toddler mispronounced and butchered?
How did you deal with it?

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