My Battle With Sippy Cups

My Battle With Sippy Cups

My Battle With Sippy Cups

Are you familiar with the scene from the movie, "Office Space," where Peter, Michael, and Samir decide that they've had enough of the P.O.S. copy machine from their work office - the copy machine that delivered frequent "paper jam" errors on a daily basis?  (Yes, this question does somehow relate to the topic of "sippy cups" for children).  Well, in the movie, "Office Space," Peter, Samir and Michael take their hated copy machine from their employer's office to a desert meadow, and then they use a baseball bat to completely demolish this copy machine that they had grown such a strong hatred for after years and years of time-consuming paper-jams that always happened at the most inopportune times..

What does the copy machine from the movie, "Office Space," have to do with sippy cups, you may be wondering?  This vengeful scene that Peter, Samir and Michael spend 'getting even' with the copy machine is a fantastic representation of the way that I feel and want to behave towards sippy cups (i.e., replace the "copy machine" with "sippy cups").  I may, or may not, find myself daydreaming about bringing all of my sippy cups and their stupid, unmatched lids, to a meadow with a baseball bat...

What Is The Big Deal About Sippy Cups?

Five-years-ago, I was celebrating "Thirsty Thursdays" with my girlfriends every week (aka, drinking alcohol on Thursday nights), and if you would have told me that five years from that point in time, that I'd be spending my Thursday and Friday nights cozied up on my couch and writing about my favorite sippy cups, then would have either: 

  • (a) snorted with laughter because that is so lame and there was no way I would have believed that was true; or, I would have:
  • (b) cried, because I would have believed what you were saying, and that is so lame.
Nevertheless, here I am writing about sippy cups on my Thursday, Friday and even Saturday night, and it turns out that I'm totally cool with being so lame, because I (to my surprise) feel very passionately about this topic of sippy cups.  You may be wondering why.  Here is my answer:  Not all sippy cups are made equal.  No sir. No mam. To date, I believe I have tried at least 95% of the sippy cups on the market.  This means that I have at least one of each type of sippy cup in our kitchen cabinet, which also means that I spend what feels like half of my morning, afternoons, and nights trying to match up different sippy cups with different lids and with the corresponding bottom cup pieces - don't even get my started on the different valve pieces.  

Sippy Cups and Your Sanity


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