We’re Seriously Going to Miss This One Day

We’re All Going to Miss This One Day — (we’re going to miss the craziness of our kids when they’re young)

Cover for “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Blake Sheldon - by Elena on YouTube

I have absolutely no idea who this woman is in this video below other than I was looking on Google today for the mom version of the song “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Blake Sheldon.  A few times a year, I watch that music video and reflect on how quickly my kids are growing up (Age 3 and Age 11), and I feel like this song reminds of how precious these years are right now (if I’m feeling overwhelmed with work and new single-momhood, listening to this song grounds me somehow).  I talk about this in my original post about how we're going to miss these days with our young kiddos.  Anyhow, I wanted to hear the FEMALE/mom version of this song because I can relate to that more as a female/mom.  Also,  why is it always all about the dad’s who sing these meaningful parenting songs?  The only song that’s female/motherly that I can think of as I write this is when Sheryl Crow did the cover for “Sweet Child O Mine.”

The post I read when I need a good sentimental cry…

Anyway, I included my other two favorite songs that I listen to whenever I am feeling emotional and sentimental - in the middle of the night - when I can’t sleep - as a mom - in a former post about how one day we truly are going to miss these seemingly chaotic times (tantrums, poopy diapers, preschool confusion, pregnancy, preteens, etc.).  

Elena On YouTube - Great Job on “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Blake Sheldon

Below is a link to this woman (who I truly don’t know and she only has 220 views on YouTube right now as I write this).  Whoever you are - dear woman on YouTube that I randomly found on Google - I want you to know that I enjoyed your singing and you sang this song beautifully. 

Link: You’re Gonna Miss This - Female Cover 

It goes by so so fast!

My daughter is 11-years-old now and I just can’t even believe how cliche I sound when I say “time seriously goes by so fast”   And I do miss it - the days when she was little bitty - even though I LOVE this phase right now too.   Life goes by way too quickly.

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