Fantastic Solution to Going Potty in Public (Airport) Restrooms

Dear Universe (as you pertain to children and public restrooms):

Thank you for listening to me about my public potty wishes in regards to my 3-year-old daughter.

Traveling with a small child and dealing with public restrooms is quite possibly one of my LEAST favorite things about traveling as a parent.

The most profound reasons for this, in my opinion, stem form the fact that
  1. REASON 1:   Children are too short for the adult toilets in most public bathrooms, and therefore they are forced to touch the seat, or else you are forced to hold them up, or both. Both of these are painful for mommy because either (A) you are either watching your child put their hands all over a disgusting public toilet seat (child WILL stick their hands in the nooks and crannies of a toilet seat, trust me), or (B) your back is physically hurting as you hold up your child who is hovering over the wide open potty seat and hoping not to fall in it.
  2. REASON 2:  the automatic flushing toilets are terrifying to lot of children (the auto-flush feature is often actively prematurely when you're in a restroom with your child because of the movement in front of the toilet auto-flush sensor). Personally, I am always quite started when an automatic-flushing toilet goes off while i'm still on the can as well, so I can only imagine how scary that must be for a young child who is still new to the potty system.
  3. REASON 3:  Washing your child's hands in public restrooms is a hassle, absent any sort of stool.
The universe is beginning to alleviate many of these pain in the a** issues.  This last weekend, I traveled to LAX airport with my 3-year-old for my cousin's weeding.  Flying out of LAX, I had an amazing toilet experience (yes, I just said that...).

Please see photos below for an illustration of the greatest public restroom set up (for children scared of public potties) that I have found, to date:

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