My Lazy Mom Confessions

Here are My Lazy and Imperfect Self-Confessions:
(I think it's safe to say that this is "Volume 1"...)
  • I still wear maternity pants...and maternity shirts.  My child is 21-months-old.
  • I still blame most of my shortcomings on being overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted from the demands of my newborn.  My "newborn" is now a toddler and is almost 2-years-old. (See You Know You Have a Newborn If... for more on my shortcomings due to my newborn).
  • I still wear "pregnancy shoes" (aka, the shoes that my co-worked/classmate pointed at when was 6-months pregnant and said, "Ha. Nice pregnancy shoes.")  I wear them every day.  My child is a toddler now.  
  • I don't remember the last time I wore jeans.  See my Love Letter to My Yoga Pants for more on that).
  • I am on and off of the "laundry" bandwagon.  I am quite possibly the most irresponsibly person, in the world, when it comes to laundry.  I hate this about myself.  But I hate laundry more.  I've been battling using our Pack N Play as my gigantic laundry hamper ever since we received it at our baby shower.  (See post "These Are My Pack N Play Confessions.")
  • I bought a one-year gym membership. It just expired.  I didn't go...not even once.
  • I often find weird stuff growing in my fridge.
  • "No one wants to clean the refrigerator  I find, because that's when they find out how filthy that they really are..." - Ellen DeGeneres.

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  1. Anonymous11 September

    “It's made me realize that imperfect is perfectly comfortable to me. Whether it's a city or my apartment, I feel most at home when things are somewhat flawed.”
    ― Hoda Kotb


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