Recordable Storybooks - LOVE this for Grandparents!

I love this idea and wanted to share it:  Recordable Storybooks.

If you're looking for a meaningful baby gift, or for something special for yourself and your little one, then a Recordable Storybook is such an amazingly great idea.

How does it work?  You or a relative or someone important in your child's life records themself reading a classic storybook, in that person's own voice, and then, your child gets to keep this recorded storybook forever.  

The recordings are permanent.  We had both of my grandmothers do this for my daughter, so my daughter will always be able to listen to her two great-grandmothers read her a bedtime story.  We also had both of her grandmothers do this.  

This gives me the warm and fuzzies.

I would love to be able to hear the voice of my great-grandmother.

This is such a great idea for out-of-town grandparents or relatives; it's also a great idea for traveling parents.


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