My Third Trimester - Thunk, Thunk - Here I Come!

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A Cup of Water Rippling from Thunk Vibrations

I met all of the typical references that you hear people make regarding large, pregnant women: I was like a whale, or a boat, or a large bus.  But personally, my large, pregnant-self related more to the gigantic dinosaur -  the T-Rex.  Do you remember the famous scene from the movie, "Jurassic Park" - the scene  where the water inside of the water glass cup starts rippling as the heavy T-Rex approaches the Jeep?  Well, I imagine that the same thing happened to the water glasses belonging to my downstairs neighbors during my 8th and 9th month of pregnancy - whenever I would get up  from the couch and walk (i.e., stomp) into my kitchen (usually for my third full-serving of spaghetti or pecan bars). 

Here is the video that I'm talking about:

Once my gigantic pregnant-self accepted my T-Rex body, then I started to actually think like a T-Rex.   Do you remember that other toilet scene from Jurassic Park (the scene where the T-Rex eats a guy while he is sitting on the toilet)?   That's what I secretly day-dreamed about doing to the person who said to me: "A woman from my work had twins and she went back to work 3-days later!" (See 7 Things to Never Say To a New Mom for more on this).

Similarities Between Pregnant Women and the T-Rex Dinosaur - Photo

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  1. Anonymous18 July

    When I was pregnant with my third child, I was very far along and was quite large. We had a water bed, and one night it turned into what seemed like a raging ocean. My husband freaked out, but I calmly told him that I had just rolled over and my giant stomach made the water move. Later we learned that it was a major earthquake that caused the movement!

    1. OMG! Hahaha! Where were you living when that happened? That is seriously hilarious! How crazy!

    2. Anonymous02 August

      We were in Yuma then.