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Sleeping Newborn Baby Henry with Puppy Baby Hat

The Sleep Lady Book

The "Sleep Lady" book (The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tightis my go-to reference manual for whenever my daughter starts to show any hints of sleep problems. I've been lucky to have been blessed with a great sleeper for a daughter, but this may not be all luck and blessings - I have to give credit it to this book - "The Sleep Lady Book" (as I call it), written by Kim West and Joanna Kenen.  

A Good In Between for Sleep Training

When my daughter was much younger, and I was exhausted, I turned to books for suggestions on ways to help get into a better sleep schedule.  I read so many books, all varying from from "cry-it-out", to "attachment parenting" type of books.  When I finally found this book, which doesn't advocate either of the above-mentioned methods, I was extremely happy because it allowed me to make my own decisions.  

The Power of a Lovey for Baby

The book lays out what you should expect, what your options are for improvement, and most importantly  the author gives you the ability to tailor your own beliefs to her suggestions.  She is a big believer in the power of nighttime routines and how powerful these routines are for getting your child's mind geared up for bed time.  She talks about the power of a "lovey."  And much more.  It's an easy read and you can always refer back to it.  This book has helped me a ton.

5 out of 5 stars

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