This is what I did instead of my to-do list....

My Family Portrait

The beautiful, and lovely, family portrait image shown above is an excellent example of me completely ignoring that "little voice in my head," who told me I needed to be tackling the important items on my to-do list instead doing what I was actually doing -- drawing my family portrait on Microsoft Word.  Yes, instead of packing for my upcoming trip like I should be doing, I decided to draw a picture of my family (and our living room) on my computer using the "insert shapes" function of Microsoft Word.  

But I must say - what a masterpiece.  

I did not draw the dogs or the toddler (thank you, Clip Art), but I did draw Mr. Mia and I did draw myself (me = blonde woman in the photo)....and I don't mean to brag, but I designed the living room myself too.  

Oh, and I also decided make myself lose 10-pounds when I drew myself (don't try to tell me you wouldn't do the same).  The yoga pants are accurate.  Mr. Mia does wear black a lot, but he is cuter in real life (his hair is rather difficult to draw).

Although we don't have hands or feet in the portrait, please stay tuned for the next time that I decide to procrastinate doing my laundry or any other important things that need to be done in my life and instead decide make a portrait using the "insert shape" function in Microsoft Word.


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