Around the Web Favorites

Around the Web Favorites

1.   40 Ways To Entertain Your Kids While Lying Down
  • posted an Article, 40 Ways To Entertain Your Kids While Lying Downthat I have personally found to be quite clever and informative, as it appeals to two of my favorite activities: my love for lying down on my sofa; and my love of playing and entertaining my little toddler.

2.   Top 10 Parenting Hacks

3.   Where's My Cell Phone?
  • Do you lose your cell phone around your house?  Don't have a land-line to call it and make it ring so that you can find it?  I use on a weekly basis, if not more frequently.

4.   Use Adhesive Hooks to Organize Pot Lids and Save Cabinet Space

5.   Favorite Apps of My 2-Year-Old
from the blog, Second Story Window
  • The blog, Second Story Window, the author posted, "Favorite Apps of My 2-Year-Old" - a list I plan to carefully review prior to my next flight with my toddler that's coming up soon.  This looks like a great list (I skimmed over it and I know my toddler loves at least three of the apps she recommends, so I'll definitely be using this list as a reference.

6.   Surprise Kitty (Video)
from Animal Planet, on YouTube
  • This video is an "oldie but goody," and it's still super cute.  

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  1. Thanks for including us in your post!

    1. Happy to. :) You have great suggestions for iPad apps for my 2-year-old.


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