Sophie, the Giraffe Teether, Is Taking Over the World!

Sophie the Giraffe Takes Over

Sophie, the Giraffe Teether, is taking over the world.

It seems that everywhere I look these days, I see Sophie, the Squeaky Toy Giraffe.  If you look, you will too - this little giraffe is all over the baby-photos posted by your Facebook friends...and in the arms of passing babies and toddlers as you walk through Target and the grocery store.

There is such a likability factor to this squeaky giraffe toy.  Why?

If I were to do this whole squeaky giraffe business on my own, but instead, make a squeaky cat, would it have the same effect?  Wait...not everyone likes cats.  What about if I made a squeaky elephant?

It seems like kids used to ("back in the day") walk around with crusty blankets, but now, they walk around with 'Raffy (aka, Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether).

What Mr.Sophie-the-Giraffe-Millionaire Man Must Be Thinking:

Doesn't it kind of feel like some guy - the guy who invented this squeaky giraffe baby toy that resembles my dog's chew toy (i.e., "
Mr.Sophie-the-Giraffe-Millionaire") - is just sitting there, on his high-horse, thinking: 

------- "How the f*** did I pull this one off?  Did I have magic fairy dust sprinkled on me at some point?  Do people not get that this is just a squeaky giraffe?  They have baby dolls that literally wet themselves, you know?  I think they even make dolls that have hair that grows...there's dolls that can do all sorts of tricks.  But all these moms and their babies choose my squeaky giraffe?"  --------

My Deep Thoughts on Mr. Sophie-the-Giraffe-Millionaire Man:

  • Is the rich giraffe guy super smart, or is he just really lucky?
  • Does his license plate say, "Giraffe"?  If not, it really should.
  • Does he flaunt his success? Or not share it with anyone and just tell everyone that he invented glue?
Nevertheless, my toddler loves the Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether.  But why?  I still don't understand.


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  1. Anonymous10 July

    This is very good news for Great Grandma Grady, since she LOVES giraffes. She fell in love with giraffes while on an African safari with us, and commented a lot on the giraffes beautiful long eyelashes.

    1. Aw. Wow. It's crazy to read this comment now. She really did love giraffes (and you are a great daughter in law). I had so much fun with you over the weekend Grandma Joan! :)

    2. Anonymous02 August

      I am grateful for the time we got to spend together! I don't know if we solved all the world's problems, but I think we got a handle on some of them.


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