Before I Became a Mom...I Went Skydiving.

Skydiving - Before Motherhood

Long before I became a mom, I went skydiving.  I highly recommend it.  This was how I spent my Spring Break during undergraduate school.  

Here is the video:

Important Note:
That thing that I am holding at about the 1:00 minute point in the video: I had no control over. If you were about to jump out of an airplane (and were about to pee your pants), then you'd have probably held it too! I was terrified, and I tend to be a bit spacey when I'm terrified. I was an college as an undergraduate.

While I was absolutely terrified until the exact moment that my feet safely hit the ground, I loved skydiving.  It was the biggest rush of natural energy (i.e., adrenaline) that I have ever experienced (caffeine cannot begin to compare).  This experience has led me to believe that any person who believes that they are falling to their death, but then survives, experiences the same type of energy.

Originally, I intended for this post to be about, "how facing your fears energizes you." But then, I realized that one of my biggest, current fears is the ant hill (i.e., ant colony) that is currently located alongside the outside foundation of the side of my house; and then I realized  that I have absolutely no interest in facing my fear of ants (I absolutely despise bugs...especially ants...those sneaky little as*h*les can't be trusted).  I'd jump out of a plane any day before touching ants. 

What "crazy" stuff did you do before you became a parent?  

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