Break a Bad Habit by Changing Your Password

Create Passwords That Help You Break a Bad Habit

Have a bad habit that you want to quit?  I read an article on that suggests an idea how helping you quit a bad habit by generating passwords that reinforce that idea.  The idea is that you reinforce an idea in your brain through repetitive typing.  Most people type in passwords for their various online and computer accounts (bank, email, computer login, etc.)  multiple times a day; so if you create a password that has a personal goal of yours built into it somehow, then this can help you to quit a bad habit by reinforcing that idea in your brain through repetitive typing.  

So, instead of making a password such as "baseball1234" or using your previous telephone number as your password (which is a terrible idea), consider making your password something that can help reinforce breaking a bad habit; the example that Lifehacker uses is "Iwillquit$smoking."

Here are some of my ideas for passwords that I should create for myself but won't because that would be stupid seeing as I this is a public post:  

  • "Iwill$tartworkingout"
  • "Iwillstopusingthepacknplayasalaundryhamper"
  • "I-will-stop-eating-pecan-bar$-for-dinner"
  • "I-will-stop-wearing-my-maternity-pants-to-work-because-my-child-I-am-not-pregnant-and-my-child-is-almost-2-years-old"
  • "Iwillstopwastingmoneyoncrappytupperwarecontainers"
  • "I-will-stop-blaming-my-tiredness-on-my-newborn-because-my-child-is-2-years-old-and-I-am-actually-tired-because-I-play-on-Pinterest-until-1-AM" 

Realistically, I probably won't give up wearing my maternity pants.  I love comfy pants way too much. 
"Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones."   - Benjamin Franklin
(uh oh)

What are your bad habits?

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