Mommy Hack - Matching Socks and Laundry Time

Mommy Hack - Matching Socks

Mommy Hack:  Standardize Your Socks and Eliminate the Pain of Sock-Matching On Laundry Day

Buy a bunch of the same exact sock type to prevent the pain of matching socks.  (I had to save up my money for a couple months, but it was worth it).  Do this for your kids as well.  I'm sure  that you've heard of this hack before, but I am here to personally endorse this.  Thank you, Pinterest.  If you only wear a small variety of sock types - for example, ankle socks, crew cut, black/white, etc., then get a tub for each type of sock.  I have a tub in my closet for my (a) black work socks, (b) white socks, and (c) dress shoe socks.  I never have to match my socks when doing laundry, and the only sorting that I have to do is separate the socks into the three bins.  You can find great sock-bins in the Dollar Aisle at Target.

This is the greatest thing that I have done for myself lately.  It's changed my laundry life.  Now, don't get me wrong, I still use my Pack N Play as my laundry bin (see the post My Pack N Play Confessions for more on that),  but this little mommy hack has helped a lot when it comes to sorting laundry for my daughter and me.

Mommy Hack - Buy all matching socks to make laundry easier

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  1. Making my bed seriously makes my room better than if not at all. Even if I don't clean anything else. It's something I learned from Flylady. Have you heard of her and her website? It's amazeballs.

    Oh, and my mom has always done what you did about the socks. I inherited the same thing and have only 2 kinds of socks. (Then again, no kids yet, soo...) It's so easy to keep up!


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