Birthing Inn Hospital Packing Checklist - Don't Forget to Pack These Items!

Pregnant Woman on Sofa Sleeping Waiting to Go into labor

What do you pack for yourself (and baby) when you go to the hospital or Birthing Center for labor and delivery? 

Here's a sample packing list that will help you remember all of the important things!  

Tip:  Make a list of "last minute items" to pack - these are usually the items that you use daily (your bathroom robe, pillows, camera, etc.); you may also want to add the baby items that you still need (car seat, a 'going home outfit' for baby, etc.) to this list.

Labor and Delivery Packing List:  What I Brought to Hospital Birthing Inn

For You:

  • Bring Your Own Pillow 

    • Hospital pillows are awfully uncomfortable.
  • Comfy Slippers
  • Comfy shoes

    • If you go into labor during dinner and forget to pack your "comfy shoes," then you may end up going home in pajama pants and high-heels.
    • Socks
      • Non-skid socks are nice for effortless bathroom trips and/or walks around the birthing unit
      • If you have sweaty feet, bring your best sweat-absorbing socks
      • Bring extras.
    • Comfortable underwear (aka, granny panties)
      • Bring extras. Things get messy.
    • Nightgown
      • If you are going to be breastfeeding, try to find a nightgown that opens up in the front - for ease access
    • Robe
    • Thermos for water 
    • Comfortable Going Home Outfit for yourself

    Photo of suitcase cartoon

    For Your Significant Other:

    • Snacks / Drinks for Your Significant Other

      • They get hungry too - don't let your spouse's hunger hinder his ability to support you during labor.  Bring snacks that you know he'll eat (for Mr. Mia, it was beef jerky .. but I made him eat it in the other room because I wasn't allowed to eat).
    • Toothpaste and Toothbrush for Your Spouse
    • Toiletries for Your Spouse (deodorant, contact lens supplies, etc.)
    • Change of Clothing for Your Spouse 
    • Pajamas for Your Spouse
      • Make sure that his PJs are the type of PJs that he would feel comfortable wearing in a hospital room that hospital nurses are constantly walking in and out of
    • Pillow and Blanket for your Spouse
    Cartoon image of suitcase green

    For Baby:

    cartoon image of diaper bag


    • Camera
    • Charger for the Camera
    • Cell phone charger
    • A good music playlist for distraction
    • Books to read that don’t require concentration
    • Pen and Paper 
      • Because what if you need to write stuff down?
    • Your birth plan (or an idea of what you want to happen)
      • If you have one...even though birth plans are usually worthless because you can't really control too much of what happens during the process, and the nurses might laugh at you if you show them your "birth plan."
    • Don’t forget a photo ID
    • Your Insurance Information
    • Your Check Book (for misc. orders)
    • Cash (for vending machines) and Credit Cards
    cartoon image of baby toys

    For Breastfeeding:

    cartoon image of toiletries


    • Face Wash 
    • Shampoo and Conditioner (Travel Size)
    • Lip balm 
      • Nothing worse than chapped lips without chap-stick  and hospitals are dry
    • Loofah Shower Sponge (if you use one)
    • Sanitary Pads 
      • Find sanitary pads that are to your own liking (the hospital sanitary pads and huge and uncomfortable)
      • Make sure they are heavy duty
    • Contact Lens and Solution
    • Eye glasses (and case)
    • Make-Up 
      • (if you are so motivated)
    • Head bands and hair ties

    Did we forget something?  
    If so, leave a comment!


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