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Apology Definition

Source:  Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication (  

If you need a laugh, then I highly recommend playing on the website, Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication (, which has given me hours of fun already with its "fill-in-the-blank stationary for everyday correspondence" for communicating with a person in your life for the following situations:  
  • a Formal Apology
  • Declaration of Romantic Intent
  • Statement of Gratitude
  • Unsolicited Feedback
  • Official Invitations
  • And more...
If you enjoy Mad Libs, then you will probably find humor in Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication.  All you do is fill in the blanks with your chosen words, and you will put a smile on the recipient of just about anyone who receives this letter.  I'm going to be purchasing their book, Formal Notices: Fifty Fill-in-the-Blank Forms for Everyday Correspondence, for my coffee table, and this may become my go-to gift for people who are difficult to buy for (such as, my dad).

Coffee Table Book:  

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